Compuplot has implemented PRIMS™ in a number of municipalities as an integrated component of the SAGE enterprise resource management system, as required in terms of mSCOA regulations. PRIMS™ provides the following components:

  1. Valuation Roll management;
  2. Land Use and Building control;
  3. Spatial Asset Register;
  4. Meter analysis;
  5. GIS.
Meter analysis
GIS analysis

In addition, PRIMS™ provides:

  1. Reconciliations;
  2. Data analysis and anomaly reports;
  3. Revenue enhancement;
Properties missing from billing system with rates revenue impact

The system has been implemented in the following municipalities:

  1. Bushbuckridge Local Municipality;
  2. Endumeni Local Municipality;
  3. Masilonyana Local Municipality;
  4. Mfolozi Local Municipality;
  5. Mtubatuba Local Municipality;
  6. Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality;
  7. Rustenburg Local Municipality;
  8. Ugu District Municipality.