Client: Ministry of Water Land and Environment, Uganda

This project involved the following

A review the existing land information and the land information system in place in Uganda to establish its accuracy, completeness, ease of use, format, sharability and the processes, through which information was generated, recorded, manipulated and reported. Information was gathered from over forty organisations to:

  • Identify existing land information data sets.
  • Identify the procedures and users of that information.
  • Identify the Information Systems used to process that information, i.e. how it is generated, recorded, updated, manipulated and reported.
  • Evaluate the condition, volume, accuracy, relevancy and validity of the various land information available in Uganda, including survey records (cadastral and topological maps), land administration and land registration records.
  • Evaluate the information systems identified, the policies governing them, the information flows, institutional mandates, data and technology infrastructure (including technology status, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution facilities.
  • Review the current initiatives being undertaken in land information systems development.

Description of Actual Services Provided

  • Research and Analysis: Research and analysis of previous authoritative works in Land Information Systems including:
    • Land Sector Strategic Plan.
    • Report on the Land Registration Procedure and Land Registry in Uganda, D.W. Greenwood, 1990.
    • Rehabilitation and Development of Land Survey and Registration in Uganda, Gerhard Larsson, 1990.
    • A Base for a Land Information System in Uganda, Swede Survey, 1996.
    • Design and Development of Geographic Information System including the Master Plans for the Development of the Ugandan Spatial Infrastructure, The Swedish Consortium, June 2001.
  • Systems Analysis: Application analysis, design and implementation.
  • Database Design: Data analysis, database design, database creation and population of relational spatially enabled database.
  • Reporting: Preparation of Inception and Final Status Review reports.

Professional Staff Provided

  • Senior System Analyst

Number of staff-months: 4