Client: Eastern Cape Liquor Board

This project involved the following

Analysis, design, synthesis, customisation and implementation of a Geographical Information System, including:

  • Procurement of required GIS application software;
  • Building of an ESRI geodatabase;
  • Customised spatially enabled database application to provide analysis, business intelligence the ad-hoc reporting;
  • Integration with existing ECLB system;
  • Mobile device support;
  • Acquisition, conversion, integration and loading of data sets from the Eastern Cape Provincial Government and other data providers into the geodatabase;
  • Capture the spatial location of, photograph and load all licenced liquor outlets into the database;
  • Training and skills transfer for end users.

System Functionality

  • A demographic analysis of liquor traders to guide the issuing of new licenses;
  • Reporting on the status of the liquor industry;
  • Spatially enable and geographically locate registered outlets and applicants;
  • Route planning for the regular inspection of licensed liquor traders;
  • Proximity analysis of prospective liquor traders to schools, churches, or other relevant institutions to ensure compliance during the pre-registration process.